Thursday, 22 September 2011


Hi guys, how are you today? Hurmm, I got up late again!!! Grrrr!! I just got up at 3 p.m, I went to shower, wash clothes and take my lunch. After that, I started studying for the subject account. I worry if this semester my pointer will going down. Huh, if that happen to me, I am entitled to get it because I am not serious during in classes.

But, I think it's not late for me to change my fate because it has not happened yet! :) . Great! so let start do some exercise. I can't wait for finished this semester because I wanna focus 100% towards my DSLR, my lovely one. Yeppy2!!

I think that's all for today :) . See you all in the next post :)

Peace No War!

Skin Al-Razi

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