Monday, 26 September 2011

Oh Lovely....

Pressure!!! Paper accounting why you so hard?? But, I still can answer that paper, overall my friends say it's too difficult, yap.. some question maybe...Okay today at 9 o'clock morning I have to sitting on my paper MGT215, I guess? MGT= business :). I like that part (business) huahuahua. I'm hope this paper quite easy for me. Hoping!

No story that interesting I wanna share with you guys, cause I'm only focus on my final exam for this semester. Oh ya! To all photography outside there KLPF is back! Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2011. AND ADMISSION FREE!!

Date : 7th-9th October 2011
Time : 11.00a.m - 9.00p.m
Venue : Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2011 (KLPF) is back for the 15th year with a touch of class!

KLPF is Malaysia’s biggest and hottest imaging event with a combination of photography and travel elements. It is a gathering of the photography and travel fraternities with action packed programmes. The three-day event will see a big line up of who’s who in the photographic industry presenting their latest innovations in technology and designs that will put them ahead of the game.

Organised by Photo Creator Publication, this grand annual festival has won recognition as ‘the’ event that promotes the art in photography, encourages interaction and extends the exploratory experiences amongst our readers, photography enthusiasts and travellers. It is an interactive, discovery and business-boosting event.

With the support of our exhibitors and more than 100,000 visitors our KLPF in 2010 was a great success. This year, the KLPF 2011 brings to you an unforgettable CLASSIC experience with the theme “Black & White”!

Visitors to the hottest & biggest imaging event of the year will get to
  • Experience the latest innovations in digital cameras, printers and imaging solutions showcased by more than 80 major brand exhibitors.
  • Select from a wide variety of accessories, gadgets and services.
  • Gain knowledge from product demonstrations, product services, special guest appearances, stage shows and seminars.
  • Feast their eyes on the classic photo exhibitions.
  • Snap heaps of photos at the “SNAP ZONE”.
  • Network with people from the photography fraternities.
  • Savour a myriad of genres at the Photomania slideshows.
  • Soak-in exciting travel experiences by seasoned travellers at Travelmania talks.
  • Shoot their way to win exciting prizes in contests and activities.
  • Chance upon more surprises.
The theme for the photography exhibition of year 2011 is “Black and White”. Black-and-white photography often connotes something classic, nostalgic, historic, artistic or elegant.
It’s all about a CLASSIC experience!!!
At every nook and corner, there will be definitely something that takes your fancy. With all these and more, get hyped up for the KLPF—the best destination for you to arrive at.
Admission to this photography festival is free for the general public. For more information, please log on to or email to or call +603-9281 8039, +6016-715 1703.

Guys, meet you there! :)

Skin Al-Razi

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Hi guys, I already sit for 2 paper it's mean I have 4 paper to go. Praise to Allah, I can answer for  paper CTU231 but a bit tough also. :)
It's only a direct question but maybe student think to deep until can't answer that paper, like me. hohoho.
4th October please come faster,please,please,please.....

Tomorrow I have more paper which is Far200(accounting), ermmm..this paper quite tough and all student call it KILLER PAPER for student that taking this course. I hope I can score this paper like previous semester. Please be nice ya far200. :(

InsyaAllah, FAR200.....~~

Skin Al-Razi

Next Day~

Hi guys, I'm afraid today cause my exam start at 9 o'clock until 11, I guess?? :) . I didn't prepare anything yet loll, guys I miss my buddy so much! Grr!! Can't wait for 4th October cause on that day, it's my final paper for this semester!! Yeahhhh!

What are you doing right now buddy? Did you miss me? Or maybe you already forget me? Hurmm, seriously I wanna meet you again. Hope you are not bored meeting me always.

Keep this picture ya friend :)

Is it suitable for us to be a modelling friend ?? Guess what??:)

Skin Al-Razi

Friday, 23 September 2011


Hi guys, today I have learned something new which is (edit gombol) hahaha. So pity with me guys, others already know how to edit their picture, but me?? Kih3, whatever! At least, I know a little bit. Tomorrow I have paper, great! and now I'm still sitting in front my laptop without read any books?? Wow, excellent student haa! Okay2, after update my blog, I will off my laptop and start to read books! CTU231,FAR200 and MGT215 please be nice with me, hope I can answer these paper with smiling on my face. Like this :)

Actually, I don't have mood to study, I don't know why? Maybe because I was still upset with my carry marks especially ACCOUNT! Oh God,


Skin Al-Razi

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Hi guys, how are you today? Hurmm, I got up late again!!! Grrrr!! I just got up at 3 p.m, I went to shower, wash clothes and take my lunch. After that, I started studying for the subject account. I worry if this semester my pointer will going down. Huh, if that happen to me, I am entitled to get it because I am not serious during in classes.

But, I think it's not late for me to change my fate because it has not happened yet! :) . Great! so let start do some exercise. I can't wait for finished this semester because I wanna focus 100% towards my DSLR, my lovely one. Yeppy2!!

I think that's all for today :) . See you all in the next post :)

Peace No War!

Skin Al-Razi

First post from me

Hello2, this is my new blog, the other one I am not use it anymore, because no stories I want to share with you guys. Okay, so this is my first post, I think in this blog I just want to use English word, so if my sentences is not proper, please correct me.

Name : Secret for my real name( just call me skin)
Age : 19 ( still young dude!)
Working/studying : Of course studying, hurm at College Poly-Tech Mara,KL
Course : AC110 ( Accounting )
Semester : 3
Hobby : Many and one of them -PHOTOGRAPHY!  arghh! since I got one, I am really addict with him ( my lovely one)
Like : make a joke, hangout with my friend along the streets(hahahaha), watching movie, sleep, chatting and etc.
Hate : backstabber! cheating on me, and many of them.
Love : hihihi, of course my family, friends and my BFF( guess who????)

Lunch Time! Grrr!!
Skin Al-Razi