Thursday, 22 September 2011

First post from me

Hello2, this is my new blog, the other one I am not use it anymore, because no stories I want to share with you guys. Okay, so this is my first post, I think in this blog I just want to use English word, so if my sentences is not proper, please correct me.

Name : Secret for my real name( just call me skin)
Age : 19 ( still young dude!)
Working/studying : Of course studying, hurm at College Poly-Tech Mara,KL
Course : AC110 ( Accounting )
Semester : 3
Hobby : Many and one of them -PHOTOGRAPHY!  arghh! since I got one, I am really addict with him ( my lovely one)
Like : make a joke, hangout with my friend along the streets(hahahaha), watching movie, sleep, chatting and etc.
Hate : backstabber! cheating on me, and many of them.
Love : hihihi, of course my family, friends and my BFF( guess who????)

Lunch Time! Grrr!!
Skin Al-Razi

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