Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fuck Off??

Hi guys, long time no see...Actually, 2 months ago masa cuti semester aku kerja. So, that's why I am not update my entry for that holiday.

Okay, for this semester, aku akan more focus on my subjects especially BEL313!! Arghh..Critical thinking!!
What is critical thinking? Why we must to be critical? And how to be a critical thinker? That is my subject for this semester and please wish me luck! It's not easy like you all seen. It quite difficult, not easy to score A on this paper. What ever it is, I hope this semester will be much better rather than last last semester.

Okay back to my entry. Why must I put my title as a Fuck Off? haha, it's not related to anyone but it's about my attitude exactly. Someone told me that I'm not grateful what I have now. But in my question is it true? Hahaha, people can judge me what ever they want, can simply say ' Eh, you! please turn back to yourself maa..you are totally change!' Wow..wow..wow...Skin!! what your answer?? WHAT EVER! I just be myself lolz...zzzZZZZ

No matter what people say about you,
you must to be strong to show them
you only try to be yourself.
Good night!

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